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Welcome to tell-greiner.com

Within Greiner, we have a code of conduct to ensure the long-term integrity of our conduct. We aim to uphold our values and conduct ourselves within legal and ethical boundaries. On this page, we offer our employees, business partners and customers an additional opportunity to report any breaches of this code.

Greiner Code of Conduct (pdf - 3 196,60KB)

In our tell-greiner.com guidelines, you can find all you need to know about our reporting system, such as what can be reported, how the information is dealt with and how we ensure anonymity and confidentiality. Further information can also be found below in our FAQs.

tell-greiner.com Guidelines (pdf - 138,87KB)

  • Why should I report an incident to Greiner?

    Within Greiner, we adhere to a code of conduct to help us in our decision-making and provide guidance on acceptable conduct and decorum in our business dealings. To ensure this code is effective, it is very important that it is upheld. Breaches should be reported to protect us from financial and immaterial damage (such as to our reputation).

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  • What is the process for reporting an incident?

    A report can be made directly to Greiner through tell-greiner.com. You can report information anonymously. Your personal details can be given voluntarily.

  • What can I report?

    You can report anything that you think breaches our code of conduct. This includes fraud and misconduct with regard to invoices, corruption or bribery, as well as breaches of health and safety conditions or environmental requirements.
    Any information report in good faith that then turns out to be wrong will not result in any liability or sanctions.

  • How will Greiner deal with my incident report?

    The report will be stored in the system and dealt with by the General Counsel and Compliance Officer of Greiner in Austria. He decides on how to proceed with the report. At the end of the report, you will receive a personal login to the system so you can track its status.

  • How do I get feedback?

    At the end of the report, you will receive a personal login to the system so you can track its status.

  • What about confidentiality and anonymity?

    Your report and identity will be kept strictly confidential. Our system is subject to Austrian data protection legislation. The system is protected using up-to-date methods. In case of an investigation, information will be used and/or made available or sent to third parties only to the extent legally permissible and operationally required. If you wish to report information anonymously, your identity cannot be pursued.

  • How do I report an incident that concerns the General Counsel and Compliance Officer (GCO) of Greiner in Austria?

    When making a report in the system, simply select the option stating that the report relates to the GCO. In this case, the report is sent directly to the Board and cannot be viewed by the GCO himself.